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Full metal 22

*shrugs* I have nothing better to do with my time. I know it's been a year, but I may as well do reviews. Rping is now a bust :/ I miss my roleplaying so much T_T; So many ideas that will never happen.

Anywhoot, probably un-needed but it's a review on Full Metal alchemist 22. Why 22? I like that number, and this episode.

So basically you've got this weird guy tucker who wants to revive his daughter whom he killed. How weird is tucker?

But enough about him. Basically he makes Edward go to his lab so he can make a philospher stone so that he and the sins can use it to make humans. By the way:

That's Envy, slightly gender confused? It's a guy. He's a bastard. But we love him so.

Throw in some angsty boy shots and you have enough to make Nikki wibble

This is Tucker's daughter, she lacks a soul. It's really really creepy.

Add in some more boy pain/angst and life is all good. The liquid to create the philospher's stone ends up escaping and spilling everywhere, and Ed goes like, angst crazy.

Nikki loves angst.

So yes, I would reveiw saiyuki gunlock, but that show made baby jesus cry. And the Geneon dub makes me throw up. Full Metal has enough blood to outdo all three saiyuki series and the movie. Damn you Square Enix T_T

This is so pointless since no one reads my reviews XD;;; But whatever, I need to occupy myself SOMEhow
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