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Dribble 5: Doujin rantings; Goku torture;

Right, so I got 4 doujins, one of them scares the crap out of me...

My do you have boobs Goku? And why is a Chibi/baby Homura is your arms...?

I'm scared.

My favorite one is when Goku falls off a cliff and (chokegasp!) he actually gets hurt XD Oh how I long for the day that boy will bleed and actually be in pain. You see...every time that boy gets hurt, he practically bounces back up.

Chin Lisou arc = Falls off a cliff and climbs/runs on a broken leg
Kami arc = gets impaled a few times then a bead pulled out, and is walking around no problem
Against the stream = Kougaiji WALLOPS him and he passes out...for ten seconds...XD;

As much as I love this boy and his stamina, he needs to know...when your precious life blood is pouring out of probably means you are a) hurt; b) dying.

This is why when Homura came in it was FUN! XD I mean how many times was that kid owned? That was funny, then sometimes he'd have the upper hand, still get beat. Damn, I miss old school so much. Those were the days.
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