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Dribble 2: Full Metal Alchemist 13; Chrno 6;

FMA 13:
Well, it started off slowly, I honestly thought Al was suffering from diarrhea at the begining of the episode. Sad aint it? There was a cat in his stomach thing, that poor cat got knocked around so much.

And then that poor dog, dude was all 'Hey, take this dog' and everyone was like 'omg no.' and some guy takes the puppy and goes 'I like dogs' and explains something about them selling well as food on the market. Thus, they take away the puppy, no dog chow for you creepy man.

And then you give Roy the puppy, he tries to make it his personal animal slave. <3 Lovely. Did I also mention his goal? When he becomes a Colonel he'll have every woman in the military wear a mini skirt <3

So anyway, there's a battle evaluation between him and Ed, poor kid gets his butt handed to him every ten seconds, it was really amusing, and I wont spoil it, but Roy definately has the upper hand, until he has an ANGST MOMENT ™. So yeah. Pretty funny episode, more comedy relief than anything, art is good as always.

Yasu Rating: A

Chrno 6:
New show I got into, nice designs, good art, machine gun toting nun, not too bad. So some woman, I believe her name is Stellar or Stella, appears. Pretty much showing off her stuff in the first ten seconds of the episode. A lil while later, Chrno, Rosette and Azamaria are attacked by another random demon (or go to get attacked by it XD) Anyway. Stella shows up, act big and bad, and helps kill it. (By the way, Chrno can not stand holy water XD This will be a fun torture device for fic plotting <3 <3 <3)

ANYWAY. Stella suddenly goes 'whao i keel u' mode on Chrno, and Rosettes is like 'omgwtf bak off my man' and she does. Later, Stella has a bath scene where she has an ANGST MOMENT ™ flashback, explaining her hate for demons. Shiniest boobs ever.

Somehow they all meet in a park (they stalk Stella) and at some point, Rosette starts up a kick ball game and everyone has fun, until some ugly mummy demon shows up (and Chrno tries to prove he's a seme by tackling the guy, dude, the nun is more seme than you.) Azamaria puts up a kekai type thing (ie: in saiyu terms it's like a force field) And the demon starts walloping them. At one point Stella is in danger and Chrno gets hurt for her. (Omg chrno?!) And she gets mad and practically slaughters it.

And of course she's all 'Omg Chrno <3' kinda sorta. I did not really like Azamaria hanging onto him so much. Azamaria ANNOYS me, the lil girl who's always upset and weak and needs someone to latch onto. Think Yanagi from Flame of Recca....*shudder* AND she's a healer! Kinda cliche, kinda like that girl from Tokyo underground.

ANYWAY. Episode was okay, a lil blah, need some plot soon! And the art was not up to par.

Yasu Rating: B-

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Yasu Rating: OMGWTF?
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