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N-ribble 9: Jyuubei 2; Eiken; omg reload

Jyuubei Chan 2: Episodes 1-2
Well, I was skeptical because watching the first 10's absolutely insane. Almost every guy in the show chases after ONE girl. But then she turns into a ninja/samurai when she puts the heart patch over her eye, and the fighting scenes are really damn good.

And I wanna snuggle the little green haired shota looking boy.

The voices are killer. Makes me laugh just listening to the show. Still watching just for the hell of it, worries me that I am amused by it, but hey, the animation is nice.

Yasu Rating: A-

Eiken: OAV
Oh my god stab me in the eye. Sixth graders should NOT HAVE 111cm boobs.

I thought this was going to be an action anime, nothing but BOOBS. BOOBS. BOOOOOOOOOOOOBS. And not itty bitty ones, I'm talking HOLY CRAP I CANT HUG YOU BECAUSE YOUR BOOBS ARE IN TH WAY SORRY.

Sure the animation is decent but .... but the water slide just totally soiled my poor mind...oh man.... @____@

Yasu Rating: DD- (ha ha...get it? ha.....ha...)

IN OTHER NEWS. REASON TO REJOICE! '3 years ago' airs next week! And since it was a fairly short chapter, maybe they'll add much Goku angst ^___^ And who knows o_o Maybe some GAIDEN. :JA:LKJAS:LKJA

*latches and nuzzles D chan* O_O
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